Martin Mallett

name Martin Mallett is the owner of a number of UK based jewellery web sites selling a range of jewellery in silver, gold and gemstones.

The Gemstone of November - Citrine

01st March 2007
The birthstone attributed to November is citrine, which is said to increase creativity and feelings of happiness. Citrine is also given as the anniversary gem stone for the 13th year wedding anniversary. The name comes from a French word for lemon, "citri... Read >

The Gemstone of October - Opal

01st March 2007
Opal is said to enhance insight and dispels dread, and is known as being the birthstone of October. Opal is also given to as a 14th wedding anniversary gift. Opal gets it name from the Greek work "opallus" which means to see a change in color. This is app... Read >

Marcasite and How To Care For It

19th February 2007
What is Marcasite? Marcasite is a natural mineral that is called iron sulfide and is often mined in South America although it is found naturally all around the world and marcasite is related to iron pyrite which is also called Fools Gold due to its lik... Read >